I'm With Bernie, 2016

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I'm With Bernie, 2016

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Please take a few minutes to look at the artwork in my shop. I know that you will find a piece of art with which you can connect, that will enhance your space, and that you will love for a really long time. My unique duct tape art will add a dash of eye-popping color and attitude to any room in your home. 

I love love love using vibrant color and playing with unusual color combinations and patterns. I create each piece by layering several strips of duct and masking tapes, then hand-carving the layers to reveal vibrant, often provocative images. My work isn't shy and neither am I. We here at Superhero HQ would love to hear from you. Drop me a line and let's stay in touch!
MMM Peach (2017)

 + measures 8x8""

+ protected from harmful UV rays with several layers of high gloss sealant

+ artwork arrives wired and ready to hang (instant satisfaction!)

Did I mention that art is great for gift giving? I can slip a notecard with your message in with your order when shipping directly to a third party.

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