Unique Duct Tape Pet Portrait - Portrait from Photo

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Unique Duct Tape Pet Portrait - Portrait from Photo

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Francine & Gomez, 5x7", (2016),

My unique duct tape portraits will add a dash of eye-popping color to any room in your home. I love using vibrant color and playing with unusual color combinations and patterns. Your friends will not believe that the incredible likeness and intricate details of your portrait were made with plain old duct tape. 

They won't believe their eyes. 

I guarantee you that their first instinct will be to reach out and touch it. To feel if it is, indeed, duct tape. It's a good thing that I apply a high gloss sealant to protect against harmful UV rays and curious fingers.
I look forward to working with you to create a piece that you're going to love for a really long time. 

Custom portraits are created from your photo. I layer duct tapes and masking tapes then hand-carve through the layers until the image is revealed. I'd love to discuss your ideas. I will take on any challenge. I once duct taped the hood of a '67 Dodge Challenger. 

+Six sizes available.

+While it is sometimes possible for a 2-3 month turnaround, expect your portrait to be done within 6 months (depending on size), so plan accordingly. I will discuss my production schedule with you during the ordering process.

+An extra fee may be applied for some rush jobs.

+I will need 3-5 good quality photos with sharp detail. 

+I prefer natural lighting in the photo. 

+Portrait arrives wired and ready to hang (instant satisfaction!)

+ I will include a plain notecard with a message if shipping directly to third party.

Did I mention they make wonderful gifts? 

Thank you for thinking of working with me on your portrait. Have a super day!

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